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New Art by Bill Hunt. Much of the new art has not been posted in the Galleries yet.



I'm sorry. Due to spammers, I've been forced to disable the guestbook as of Dec 05.

Thanks for all the kind comments, and my sincerest apologies if I deleted your genuine comment as I was deleting all of the spam.

Please email me (bill at quoke dot com); I'm always interested in feedback and meeting new people.

Sep 24 2003 04:58:14: Mercelena Gross
I love your work, is future. I am an interior decorator from Medellin, Colombia. MARAVILLOSO ! Mercelena Gross.

Sep 23 2003 15:30:10: Matt
Hi I love the art work its cool.So E*mail me Ok $

Sep 19 2003 11:25:40: Titus
i loved you artwork. im from chatt, tn. at CM3. this is for an art project for geography. email me back please.

Sep 05 2003 02:12:56: Smithline
happy i pushed that button what a fine site , no hype about splitting the atom.....Just right to the art which is fantastic stuff Conflict =great , how do you float things so well ???? everything has a space around it .I'm now a student of yours.....

Sep 04 2003 14:07:24: Mary Short
Bill, as I said before, Your pieces are peaceful, but with that whisper of mystery. As a good story draws one in, looking for more, Your images make me wonder, what's next.
Can I say I knew you when, after your name is on every tongue in the art world?
picunurse aka Mary Short

Aug 25 2003 08:53:47: Jamie Mann
Hi Bill,
My mom sent me a postcard from your website entitled "X". Great artwork you got there. Send me an email.

Aug 25 2003 03:01:40: Isobella
Hello Bill

Love your work, australians love your work too......

Aug 21 2003 10:13:33: James Rhoades
Hello Bill, it was nice meeting you at your exhibit. I hung "Touched" up in our living room. Everyone loves it! Thanks, James

Aug 18 2003 17:15:33: Jane Worfton
Wonderful! Saw your exhibit in Campbell today. I love your lavish colors. Touched is very nice.

Aug 16 2003 15:45:07: Bill Hunt
Thank you for coming by.

Your comments, suggestions and thoughts are very much appreciated. I hope you've enjoyed my work.