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New Art by Bill Hunt. Much of the new art has not been posted in the Galleries yet.



I'm sorry. Due to spammers, I've been forced to disable the guestbook as of Dec 05.

Thanks for all the kind comments, and my sincerest apologies if I deleted your genuine comment as I was deleting all of the spam.

Please email me (bill at quoke dot com); I'm always interested in feedback and meeting new people.

Dec 15 2005 12:15:04: ukoitoh
Hi! Very good site. I like it

Oct 20 2005 04:22:18: Paul
Found your site surfing on the web and decided to leave a comment. I liked the site very much and wish you more visitors every day!

Oct 17 2005 10:36:42: Sophie
My best wishes to you! :)

Oct 12 2005 01:13:41: Rich
:) Super! :)

Oct 10 2005 12:06:03: Phill
I have no words! The site looks good. Wish you tons of good visitors!

Jun 21 2005 21:11:26: maryj
Hi all, good to be back just went on a little vacation :)

Dec 24 2004 04:58:14: Marcy Darnum
I love your work, it's so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Marcy

Jun 26 2004 02:11:51: Kimberly
hey bill! i was looking through your artwork....its so pretty! i showed it to my friend travis and he put one on as a background hehe.
love, kim

Oct 16 2003 16:32:47: crystal
I love your art! I dont like alot of art but, i love yours!!!!I done my artist report on you for school.

Sep 24 2003 23:06:58: Quasi
I LOVE your work. My favorite is the "DREAMS" series and also THE TREE. Tree 1 reminds me so much of me: All alone in the world, but still bloomin' away!